May Your Unburied Corpse Be Eaten By Crows

The Story

In the country of Iasos, when a child turns 10 or so, they go to the abbey to learn everything they need to know to survive in a harsh medieval environment: hunting, fishing, blacksmithing, farming, fighting, warfare, business and magick. The abbey sees what each child is good at and trains them in it. When the teen leaves, he or she is a contributing member of society. If, however, a teen cannot be successful at the abbey, he won't be kicked out. Homelessness is illegal. Instead, he will be turned into a slave and sent to a mine or farm.

The Leftovers have not been successful. Many of their families have abandoned them, they do not make friends, and they make poor decisions. They are each in danger of ending up a slave. The abbey sent them to Mr. Andvari. It's his job to help them find their way and keep them out of the mines. That's no easy task. Through real life lessons and adventure a'plenty, The Leftovers have to find how to get along or else spend the rest of their lives in slavery or worse yet, dead.

The Wards of Iasos is a story about people who do not fit in to their own families let alone society. It's about finding your people and your place before it is too late. 

The Leftovers

The Leftovers are the world's throw-away teens, kids who have no value. But purple bearded and mohawked dwarf, Erlend Andvari, sees their worth and values them even when they do not value him or themselves. 

The Villains

Vicq may be the antagonist that most readers focus on, but there's plenty of bad folk to go around in the country of Iasos and the planet of Akkad. But remember, there is always light, even in the darkest of nights.