About Me

Embracing The Inner Weirdo

I am a weirdo. You need to understand this if you want to understand why I tell the stories I do and why I teach the way I do. I am happy being an odd guy, and I love teaching kids that no one else gets. I write about The Leftovers because I want to tell the stories of people whose stories really do not get told because they are people who life discards--tosses away like cold fried chicken.

Most of all I love my family--my wife and daughter, my nephews and nieces, and my most supportive parents-- and I love teaching fifth grade. 

I am a weirdo. I like it that way. And I tell the stories of weird little people who try to live the only life they know how.

Embracing the Inner Weirdo

I love all things geeky and dorky and, well, weird. I enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends and dressing up at comic book conventions. I love comics and run the Hall of Heroes comic book club at my school with my friend and fellow teacher, Summer Holmes. I wear my kilt and earrings to school and I celebrate my weirdness so my students can learn to do the same. I have tattoos and ride motorcycles and I enjoy hunting and camping. Wonder Woman is my all-time favorite comic book character, followed closely by Shazam (Billy Batson). 

A BIG Life

My whole life I have been a BIG guy. I've been overweight since early elementary--first or second grade--and my weight has been part of my identity for a long time. At my largest, I was pushing close to 400 pounds. In April 2018, I had gastric sleeve surgery and lost 125 pounds in five months. I am still losing weight. My life has changed drastically. Many fans over the years may not recognize the new me. That's okay. I'm still here, it's just less of me. I do spend time exercising and focusing on good food choices. I have to because I am a food addict and I am in recovery.