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Wards of Iasos Book 2: Unraveling of Anáthema

I Shall Write Your Obituary in Opossum Piddle

It's been a long time coming, friends. I know. I promise I am not on the George R. R. Martin timeframe here so please do not coming unraveled, feast my unburied corpse to the crows, and certainly do not write my obituary at all, especially not in opossum piddle.

My original publisher, Goldmines Publishing, was bought out by Amphorae Publishing and so our publishing timeline was delayed during the acquisition.

All is well, and Amphorae Publishing announced that Wards of Iasos Book 2: Unraveling of Anáthema is scheduled for Fall 2019.

And yes, I am working on Book 3 right now. Be sure to like our Facebook page. That's where we post most of our upcoming events. And check out our line of Wards of Iasos products. Of course, you can also find us on Instagram and Twitter, the links of which are at the bottom of the page. 

Be well, readers, and thank you for being so patient. Wards of Iasos: Unraveling of Anáthema is coming!

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